A webinar is an online technology that allows you to participate in a live inter active workshop or presentation from the comfort of your own home! You do not need any special equipment to listen, see and participate in the workshop from your own computer.

Please browse our series of "Quantum Awakening" workshops below and check our Calendar of Events for dates and times of scheduled workshops.

Also, be sure to check out the reaplays of the "Free Presentations" that were held for the Quantum Awakening groups covering various topics.

For more information about what a webinar is and how to participate click here: What is a webinar?

Free Video Presentations

"Understanding your Multidimensional Self and Connecting to your              ...

Workshop: "All About the Planetary Grids"

One of the ways we are being assisted in our transition into the Age of Unity Consciousness is through the different planetary grids...

Workshop: "Depression: A Quantum Perspective"

Do you experience chronic cycles of depression? 

Workshop: Awakening to Quantum Body Consciousness

What if you knew that the human body...


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